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Develop a relationship with nature. The more you love it, the more you will want to protect it. That's our mindset.

At Western Rise, we are committed to helping preserve the wild places that we love.

So, we try to use the voice and influence we may have for good and change. First, we design our apparel to be versatile, allowing you to need less while seeking more in the backcountry. Whether out on the kayak, reaching a new peak or around the campfire, our apparel was created to meet your needs against the elements in the environment we all love.  

But we wanted to do more. So we partnered with the good folks at Western Rivers Conservancy, who work tirelessly to protect wild rivers and rebuild ecosystems across the American West. 

So when you purchase your apparel from Western Rise, 1% of sales are donated to the Western Rivers Conservancy.

It's nice to know exactly where that 1% is going, right? So here's a little more about WRC...

By acquiring land to conserve critical habitat and then opening this land for responsible public access and recreation, Western Rivers Conservancy protects outstanding river ecosystems in the eleven contiguous western states: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

For instance, Western Rivers Conservancy has created permanent sanctuaries for fish and wildlife on streams like the Bear River in Utah, California’s Smith River and the Skagit River in Washington.

In their own words, "Western Rivers Conservancy seeks out riverlands with high conservation values, focusing on areas that will benefit permanently and meaningfully through land acquisition. WRC negotiates with willing sellers—including corporations, families and utilities—to gain control of those lands for the sake of conservation. Using creative funding strategies, it transfers those lands to public or private stewards for long-term conservation management. Our partners include government agencies, private corporations, Native American tribes, family landowners and many others."

Learn more about their current projects at or tap on the map.

At Western Rise, we are truly committed to helping preserve these wild places and help secure their longevity. Every bit counts.

So, get out there and enjoy nature and cultivate your relationship with it. The more you love it, the more you'll protect it with us.

Photo Credits: [1] Dennis Kuntz, [2] Jillian Lukiwski [3] David Dietrich [4,5] Russ Schnitzer