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Performance Travel Clothing

Performance Travel Clothing

Get Up to 30% Off When You Buy 6 Items

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Life’s an adventure. Dress accordingly.

Overpacking has ruined too many great trips. Our durable, stain-resistant pants are designed for the modern traveler, offering stretch, versatility, and long-lasting comfort so they can be worn for days. Learn more about our fabrics.

What Makes Western Rise Special For Travel?

Elevate Your Travel Experience


Our odor-resistant fabric keeps you fresh on long flights or treks by preventing odor build-up, allowing you to pack lighter and enjoy your adventures more.


Our 4-way stretch fabric offers unmatched comfort and flexibility, perfect for city exploration or mountain hikes.


Our products pack down small, saving valuable luggage space. Travel light without sacrificing functionality or style.


Our stain-resistant fabric keeps your clothing looking fresh and resists spills, allowing you to wear items for days and focus on enjoying your journey.