western rise ambassador team

Western Rise is excited to be expanding its ambassador team.

We’re looking for active and passionate hikers, climbers, campers, peak baggers, anglers, kayakers and skiers, who #LivetheMountainLife.

We are currently accepting team applications. To apply, CLICK HERE

Western Rise ambassador program Western Rise ambassador program Western Rise ambassador programWestern Rise ambassador program Western Rise ambassador program Western Rise ambassador program 


TEAM Role:

  • Six month partnership, with option to stay in program after first six months
  • Monthly photography published to your Instagram and sent to Western Rise
  • Blog posts for the Western Rise blog
  • Provide valuable feedback on early design and construction of Western Rise apparel
  • Enthusiasm and word-of-mouth promotion of Western Rise while you’re out at events, trips and living the mountain life!

TEAM Provisions:

  • Monthly WesternRise.com Stipend
  • Three monthly “Mountain Locals” discounts to give to friends
  • Exposure on Western Rise’s Instagram, credit on all Instagram photos
  • Opportunity to tell your story on the Western Rise blog


Trips & Photoshoots:

We do not currently pay our team for specific trips or photoshoot opportunities. If you are interested in a professional photography partnership with Western Rise, we encourage you to apply for the program, as we most often pick our seasonal lookbook shoot photographers from team members with whom we’ve developed a strong relationship.



Photos: @thenoisyplume, @bentommat, @mattshawcreative, @thenoisyplume, @kylefrost, @freshpeaks, @scottchanning